A deep personal experience led Kate Ormenyi to become a homeopath. Although she was constantly ill with recurring symptoms, doctors did not have a name for what was wrong with her. But treatment by a homeopath cleared up all her symptoms and dramatically improved her overall health and well-being.

As a result she began studying homeopathy, learning from internationally prominent experts in the field.

Starting in 1991, Kate began her studies in homeopathy with Dr. Linda Johnston at her Academy for Classical Homeopathy in Los Angeles. From there she studied with renowned Canadian homeopath Louis Klein FSHom, at his Luminos Homeopathic Master Clinician Course. She has since kept up her studies by attending seminars with Dutch homeopath Jan Scholten, Indian homeopaths Rajan Sankaran and Sujit Chatterjee, as well as Franz Vermeulen.

Since 1994 she has been bringing the healing power of homeopathy to her clients.

As well as running her thriving private practice, Kate is Dean of Studies and a core teacher at the Los Angeles School of Homeopathy. LASH is dedicated to teaching a solid foundation in the Healing Art of Homeopathy, along with bringing a new and exciting model of homeopathy into the 21st century.

Kate is a classically trained musician in piano, violin and recorder. When she’s not consulting with her patients, teaching homeopathy, or spending time with her husband and two children, Kate likes to indulge her passions for music, knitting, reading and traveling.