Healing The Whole Person

A homeopathic treatment begins with a 2-3 hour consultation.

Why so long? Homeopathy treats the source of illness and disease, not the symptoms. Since it works on many different levels in the body and mind, Kate takes time to collect an in-depth physical, mental and emotional history. When she analyzes this detailed information, it gives her the information she needs to select the remedy best suited to an individual case.

Not Just For Adults…

Homeopathy’s gentle, safe, and non-invasive effects make it perfect for children. Combined with Kate’s compassionate presence, it puts them completely at ease enabling them to freely express their fears and deepest yearnings.

…Or Humans

Animals also respond well to homeopathy
. Please see the Resources link for Homeopathic Veterinarians.

Office hours are Monday through Friday 10 am – 5 pm. Saturday appointments are available upon request.
Initial consultation

Follow up visits