The Magic and Mystery of Natural Healing

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a German medical doctor, who was disillusioned with traditional medical practices that were more harmful than healing, founded homeopathy in 1796.

His search for alternatives led him to the “Law of Similars” which states that the substance causing symptoms in a healthy person can cure someone displaying those same symptoms. He formulated this into the basic homeopathic principle “Like Cures Like.” In addition he realized that these remedies treated the source of the symptoms, leading to deep, lasting healing.

Remedies are created using a miniscule amount of the substance and then diluting it even further. The healing effects come from the energy of the remedy, not the physical presence of the original substance. It may sound strange, but centuries of experience prove that it works even if we can’t explain the results logically. It’s simply part of the magic and mystery of natural healing.

Since Hahnemann’s day, the list of substances used in remedies has expanded to around 3,000+ remedies. The remedies are prepared in pharmacies approved and overseen by the FDA.
Substances that we use are from the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms.
For example, from the animal kingdom we might use Apis mellifica, the honeybee or Asterias Rubens, the common starfish. From the plant kingdom we might use Gelsemium sempervirens, Wild Yellow Jasmine or Iris versicolor, the Blue Flag Iris. And from the mineral kingdom we use the elements from the Periodic Table from Hydrogen down to Radon.

“Insight is cure on the highest level”

These words of Dutch homeopath, Jan Scholten, sum up the ability of homeopathy to bring patients to a deep inner knowing of themselves.

The remedies help people understand what’s going on under the surface. They treat emotional issues that are contributing to illness and disease. This enables the patient to deal with deeper issues and underlying causes rather than only getting rid of symptoms.

At the same time, the treatment restores the physical body to health.